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The eDevLaw Consulting Group was established to assist faculty, universities, businesses, and organizations design and develop online and hybrid courses and programs. We are an education company. Our ultimate goal is to transform the learning experience, making it more relevant, effective, efficient and engaging. eDevLaw Consulting Group is focused on training individuals, universities and organizations to develop and administer quality online courses and programs. Our role is to make our clients self-sustaining and competent in their own ability to develop and administer these courses and programs.

eDevLaw Consulting Group helps universities, businesses, companies, and organizations create, develop, and execute a plan to educate diverse learners. Using the latest tools in education technology we create dynamic semester long courses or micro-courses. Whether building and launching blended and online programs, developing and managing the systems and processes for efficient administration, or teaching and training educators for the online environment, our expertise lies in advising or developing the best possible system, programs, or courses to meet your needs. Some organizations require all of these services, while you may simply need faculty training and course development. Regardless, eDevLaw Consulting Group will increase learner satisfaction while increasing learner outcome achievement.​

Online Education is a new way of learning and teaching – new to faculty, administrators, and students. As developments in education and communication technologies advance, the ways in which we teach and learn will further evolve.
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What we do:

  • Work to develop individualized strategies for the implementation, design, and delivery of online & hybrid courses and programs. 
  • Work directly with Faculty and Subject Matter Experts to bring their unique, personal pedagogical style to the online learning environment. 
  • Unlike many other companies in the industry, eDevLaw Consulting Group does not utilize templates or a mass production approach when developing courses and programs.
  • eDevLaw Consulting Group can advise on:
    • Curriculum design and development ​
    • Instructional design
    • Training and development programs
    • Program management, operations, and the administrative needs for online and hybrid programming
    • Faculty engagement, development and training

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